Piano Music & Daydreams

It has been a while since I’ve felt the urge to sit down at my piano and create. Although I still play often, I’m usually playing pieces that I’ve already mastered, or learning covers of songs. But it has been a while since I’ve created my own music.

Tonight I decided to hit record on my piano and improvise something. I found a cluster of notes that sounded nice together, and as soon as I started playing, I was taken away.

Someone once asked me what I think about when I’m playing. My answer was simple; I daydream.

Tonight I wanted to capture that. So as soon as I had finished playing, I quickly wrote down what was in my head as I played, in as much detail as I could.

Here’s a recording of the music I played and a little description of the journey it took me on!

Improvised music

The gentleness of each note takes me far away. In my mind, I’m walking through a forest; lush green and sunlit. I keep looking down at my feet because the path seems to have faded away, and I have to take each step carefully because everything here is so overgrown. I know there’s nobody else out here, I’m completely alone, and I relish that feeling. I’d rather be alone for now, I want to bask in the feeling of isolation.

I can see the mud on my shoes where the ground is still damp from the recent rainfall. I can still smell it in the air, but the clouds have long moved on. When I glance up, I can see so much light, It has trickled down between the trees, reflecting off of every droplet of rain resting on the leaves. It’s mesmerising, reminding me that after every rainfall, there comes this time of gentle reawakening. The forest is full of colour, insects and animals are slowly emerging and the birds have started to softly sing their melodies once again.

I’m walking without purpose, enjoying the simple nature of exploration, but filled with wonder and expectation, not knowing what I will see or what will come next.


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