Sunset on Curbar Edge


We have been blessed with such beautiful weather recently, and yesterday I took the opportunity to go chasing sunsets.

The past few weeks have been tough on my mental health. Many things in my life are feeling particularly heavy, and it has been completely overwhelming. I knew that I needed to head out somewhere to experience quietness in nature, to reconnect with myself and to let go of some of the things that have been troubling me.

So after work I headed out. I parked in Baslow and headed up the hill to Curbar Edge. It was a lot steeper than I remembered! But I took my time and enjoyed the peacefulness of my surroundings; the gentle sound of the wind in the trees, the rustling of leaves along the floor, and of course the melodic symphony of birdsong that hung in the air.

I spotted a hare in one of the fields munching away at the grass. His ears perked up when he heard me approaching, and he quickly leapt across the 5ft stone wall and into the adjoining field. I did manage to snap a few photos though! His colours looked beautiful in the evening light.

There’s a bench along the path that looks out over the Chatsworth estate. Chatsworth house is so magnificent, yet it looked so humble, nestled amongst the trees against the large peaks in the distance. The evening sun made the golden stone walls even more beautiful, and I loved capturing the house from a different perspective.

Along the path I came across ‘Eagle Stone’ – a large pillar-like rock formation that just seems to have landed in the middle of the moorland. It looks so out of place, but it made for some interesting photographs!

Once at Curbar Edge, I found a nice spot to watch the sunset. It wasn’t the ‘main’ rock, because I wanted that to be in the photos. But it was secluded and high above the ground, with a stunning view of the sloping countryside below. As I waited, people gathered on the rocks nearby. Some people brought picnics and bottles of champagne, others were taking lots of photos, and some were just enjoying the moment. It felt special to be gathered with other people, just to enjoy the simple beauty of a sunset on a Summer’s day.

As the sun dipped below the hill, I was captivated. The lighting was beautiful, everything was immersed in a golden glow and the rocks became silhouetted against the last slither of the sun before it completely vanished, leaving a golden sky in its’ wake.

As I made my way back along Baslow Edge, I was filled with so much joy. To my left, the moon began to rise and I was taken aback by the size of it! To my right, the sky was still golden and in the valley, lights were starting to flicker on. I felt overwhelmed by the beauty of the world, and with my music in my ears, I couldn’t help but smile and dance my way along the rocks. I felt a great sense that everything was going to be OK.

Praying for more moments of joy and peace, just like this.


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