Lincoln Cathedral


I’ve visited quite a few cathedrals this year, and today I added Lincoln Cathedral to that list. So many people have told me how beautiful it is and encouraged me to go and have a look.

The weather wasn’t great today, which is a shame as I wanted to also have a look around Lincoln because I’ve never been there before. But I got to spend three hours exploring the cathedral, which was the main point of my visit.

As soon as I arrived and caught a glimpse of the towers looming over the smaller buildings, I was already in awe. I knew it was going to be an impressive sight!

Walking through the cobbled streets towards the cathedral felt like a step back in time. The architecture of the buildings, the little red telephone box, the carved yellow stone arches, everything felt drenched in history. The sudden downpour just added to the atmosphere as everything was reflected in the puddles. It felt easy for my mind to go quiet and enjoy the scenes around me.

I turned the final corner and was met with the iconic front view of the cathedral. It really does take your breath away to stand in front of this grand building, as it towers over you, its’ steeples reaching up to the sky. I wanted to walk around the entire building, but by this point my waterproof coat was starting to become non-waterproof, and I was eager to get inside!

There’s so much to take in inside, more than I can write about on this blog because I still didn’t manage to see everything. I always look up, because the ceiling arches are always captivating, and I love how small it makes me feel. I’m always overcome with a sense of peace, and a curiosity about the many thousands of people who have been in that building over time. They had a visitors book, where I wrote a quick prayer for anyone who wanted to read it.

There were wooden carvings along the wall that followed the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus. They were very well done, I felt they captured a lot of emotion. This one in particular made me pause for a while. Seeing the nail like that made my heart ache as I tried to imagine the pain that Jesus went through. I can’t comprehend the love He has for us, to go through something so brutal, it’s so beyond my limited understanding.

The stained glass windows are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. There were so many people and stories told through the glass, and the designs were so intricate and colourful. There were two large round windows that were so breath-taking, but I really couldn’t capture their impact on photos.

The cloisters were another highlight, and I spent a little while sitting here and watching the rain fall. I don’t think it would have had the same impact on a sunny day, I enjoyed the atmosphere that the rain brought.

Next I visited the Chapter House, where they were exhibiting sewing and needle-felt pieces. There was one in particular that caught my attention; it was a beautiful mix of blue and purple with several musical notes and symbols stitched throughout. You could vote for your favourite design, and that one definitely got my vote!

It was such a lovely day, just exploring and taking things at my own pace and letting my mind wander. Cathedrals always feel very peaceful, and today was no exception.

I really wish I could have seen more. There are tower tours and floor tours, but they weren’t running today, and I don’t think the tower tour would have been good in the rain! It just means I’ll have to go back again and explore more at some point!


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  1. A beautiful account of your tour, Holly. Thank you for inviting me along to enjoy the peace with you ā¤ļøšŸ™šŸ»āœļø

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