Baking Cheese Straws!

Today, I went to my Nana’s house for dinner and when I was there we decided to do some baking. We decided to make some cheese straws – a childhood favourite of mine!

I’ve made these a few times before, but it’s nice to bake with someone instead of alone!

We used a recipe from my Nana’s be-ro book, it’s an oldie but goodie!

We made a lot of traditional straw-shaped ones but then we found some tiny cutters and I got a little bit creative. I made some cheese-flowers!

We sat and watched them as they baked to make sure they were perfect when they came out, and they were delicious.

They look like chips but I promise they’re cheese straws! I have to admit I ate a few too many before dinner..

That’s about it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! I’ve shared the recipe at the top so have a go if you fancy, they’re very quick and easy to make!


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