A Moment – Sunset

A sunset, majestic in it’s simplicity, cascading across the sky in a symphony of colour.

We stand, shoulder to shoulder, drinking in the scenery and reflecting on a day filled with laughter.

There’s a lake, filled with still waters that effortlessly mirror the sky. With cameras in hand, we snap away, fully aware that we’ll never fully capture the true beauty of the moment, as photographs only ignite one of the senses. The photographs won’t show the warmth of the setting sun on our skin, the softness of the wind in our hair or the sounds of the sheep as they graze at our feet.

We walk a little further, there’s so much to see here, but the sunset is following us. We keep looking back, eager to see how the passing seconds have changed its’ beauty; how the clouds have moved to change the light, or how the colours across the sky have faded. The sun rests upon the treetops, it’ll be completely obscured in a matter of minutes, but for now it creates a captivating scene as it shines through the gnarled branches.

We put our cameras away, appreciating that sometimes the world is best viewed without a lens, and we watch, in a comfortable silence. The space around me seems to fall silent as the last slither of light dips below the horizon, and I say a silent prayer, marvelling at God’s wonderful creation and the intricate details of His design.

Within minutes the sky is dotted with the first stars of the night sky, although the orange glow hasn’t completely faded away yet. The air turns cold and the wind has picked up, but I don’t want to leave just yet. This place feels like a safe haven, a hidden space to collect my thoughts and enjoy the wonders of nature. Reluctantly we leave, knowing it will soon be too dark to see the way back, but we’ll visit again one day to enjoy another sunset, because no two are ever the same.


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