Ditching my iPhone


I haven’t posted for a little while. Sadly I haven’t really been able to get outside much to do some photography due to the current circumstances, so my blog has taken a bit of a back seat for a few months.

I really wanted to write this post today though because I’ve recently bought a new phone and it’s a little bit different (and completely adorable) and I wanted to share it with you.

My new phone is the Light Phone 2 and it does four things:

phone 3

That’s it. There are talks about a navigation tool being added in a future update, but at the moment this is all it does.

It doesn’t have any apps so I can’t access social media, online banking, games, google maps etc. It also doesn’t have a camera, but I’ve not used my phone for photography for years so I don’t mind that!

So why did I decide to stop using my iphone and switch to the light phone?

For quite a while now I’ve been frustrated with the amount of time I spend on my phone. My iphone is always at my side and I check it every couple of minutes without even realising.

Once the screen time tool was introduced, I could actually see how much time I was spending on my phone. On days when I wasn’t at work, I would be spending about six hours staring at my phone, either scrolling through social media or watching back-to-back YouTube videos. On those days, I would always feel miserable in the evening. I would complain to my partner that I had been so unproductive and wasted my day off, yet I would do it again the next day.

If I spent six hours a day practising the piano, working on my photography or doing some writing, I could have made some real progress and probably felt much happier too.

It wasn’t just the amount of time I was spending on my phone, but it was also what I was spending that time on. The majority of the time I spent on my iphone was either on instagram or youtube. Instagram makes me miserable because I can’t help but compare myself to strangers on the internet, and the amount of editing and filters that can be used now doesn’t help. On YouTube I would watch more content that made me feel rubbish about my own life, but I would keep watching it anyway, as if to just upset myself more.

I would periodically delete these apps from my iphone to try and reduce the amount of time I spent on them. But when my next day off came around and I was feeling bored, I would just download them again and the cycle would continue.

So when my contract was coming to an end and I received lots of emails about the latest iPhone I could upgrade to, I decided to look into alternatives. I found that a lot of people felt the same way I did and they were buying ‘dumb phones’, and most of them said it was the best thing they had ever done. That’s when I stumbled across the Light Phone.

I immediately liked it because of how cute it looked; It’s so small and minimalistic. I also loved that the screen uses e-ink like a kindle instead of a traditional phone screen, I’ve not seen this before on a phone. So I gathered as much information as I could and read a lot of reviews before deciding I wanted to give it a try.

I’ve had the phone for over a week now and I’m really happy with my decision. For the first few days I was missing my iPhone, but that feeling did disappear quite quickly. I still have my social media accounts, but I check them on my laptop once a day instead of having them constantly within arms reach. It feels quite refreshing to not be linked to so much all at once!

The call quality is good and it’s really easy to make and receive calls. The only drawback is that you can’t add new contacts on the phone itself. Instead you have to log in to your Light Phone account on a computer to add new contacts. This isn’t a huge deal for me because I have a laptop, but it would be frustrating if you were out and about and wanted to quickly add someone’s number. I guess I would just write it down for later.

I find texting really easy, even with the tiny keyboard! The phone vibrates in response to each letter you press, so that makes it a lot easier to write. The only down side is the lack of predictive text, I didn’t realise how heavily I relied on this! I type much slower now because I can’t quickly correct a mistake, but it does make me think more about what I’m typing. I was also quite surprised to see that it does support emojis! Well… you can receive them but not send them, but it’s something!

You also can’t send or receive pictures on this phone, which is a little bit sad because my family quite often send me funny photos of their pets. But we’ve got around that by using Facebook messenger to send photos, and although I only check Facebook once a day, it hasn’t been a problem so far!

phone 4

There’s not much to say about this one, it’s small but simple and easy to use.

The alarm is very loud, there’s no sleeping through it! When I was looking for a new phone this was something that I needed it to have because I don’t have an alarm clock and it’s much easier to have one on your phone.

So that’s it, that’s a little introduction to my new phone. If you’re feeling a bit drained by your smartphone, I highly recommend this cute little phone! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this, if you have any questions please feel free to put them in the comments!

phone 5


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