On Wednesday, my friend Holly came to visit and we spent the day in Bakewell and Chatsworth. The weather was surprisingly warm on Wednesday and the sun was shining all day, so it was a good opportunity to take some photos of the changing season. After a lovely lunch in my favourite Bakewell coffee shop, we drove to Chatsworth and walked along the river.


I’ve said it before, many times, but I really do love the colours at this time of year. The trees are torn between summer green and autumn gold, and it looks so beautiful. The sky was blue and it almost felt like summer, if it weren’t for the falling leaves all around us.


I went for a walk in Chatsworth not so long ago and took a lot of photos, mainly of ducks, but this time there seemed to be a lot of sheep. They were scattered all over the grounds of Chatsworth house, and some were even climbing up some pretty steep hills. I was quite impressed with their climbing skills!


This particular sheep seemed to really like us. It walked towards us as I was taking some photos and it really didn’t seem bothered by our presence. I took many photos of this sheep, but this one was my favourite. I love how round and fluffy it looks, and how it seems to be looking right at the camera.


This tree caught my attention because it looks like the very top of the tree is on fire. The colours are just that bright in contrast to the rest of the green tree. The gorgeous blue sky just makes it even prettier.


We came across these little huts alongside the river. There were about five of them scattered amongst piles of sticks and leaves. It reminded me of when I was a child and I went on activity holidays with school. We would usually do an activity similar to this and then all get inside and tell funny stories. I’m not sure if these were made by school children or someone just having a bit of fun, but they did look good!


There were a few birds around and I managed to get a nice photo. The photo below is quite funny though because it almost looks as though he is starting a fight. His expression looks like he’s saying “what did you just call me!?” and we both found it really funny. We refer to him as the ‘sassy crow’ because he has a lot of sass!


I took a lot of sheep photos, but I did manage to whittle them down for this blog post. This photo is quite funny because, at first glance, it looks like the sheep is just looking down at the grass, but when you realise that he’s actually looking right at the camera, it looks quite comical. He has a bewildered expression!

There was a lovely moment when a group of sheep were walking close to us. One of the younger ones suddenly walked away from the group and ran towards the river. He had seen a group of ducks on the water and he ran right to the water’s edge to scare them away. I’ve never seen sheep play like this and we both found it endearing.


I almost didn’t include this photo because I don’t really like the set up, but I included it simply because of those colours! These two trees stood out like a sore thumb and we spotted them from quite far away. I just had to share this photo because those colours are beautiful!

I had reservations about the photo below as well, because something about the photo doesn’t really ‘work’ for me. My idea when I shot it was to frame the small red tree right in the centre with bushes and trees in the foreground. It worked, but I’m still not sure if I like it or not. That being said, the colours are still beautiful, especially on the trees in the background where there’s a real mixture of shades!


This is my favourite photo from Wednesday, and possibly one of my favourite pictures I’ve taken so far. The sheep are adorable as they walk in a straight line down the footpath, the last sheep is looking right at the camera and seems distracted and the lighting seems really soft and calming. There’s something magical about this photo, I think that’s why I love it so much.


I almost didn’t include this photo either, but I think I’m starting to warm to it. I’ve never taken a photo of birds in flight before, so I think that’s why I wanted to include it in this blog post. In colour, it looked a bit chaotic because it wasn’t easy to see the main subject of the photo, but in black and white it’s a bit easier. Let me know what you think in the comments.


That’s it for this blog post, I hope you liked it! Which photo was your favourite?


Bonus photo!
We found a large tree with a hollow trunk, and I made Holly go and stand in it to get a funny photo:


7 thoughts

  1. The hollow yet alive tree is beautiful and the colours of autumn mesmerize me too. I went for a walk and noticed same, tress of different colours standing side by side looked like a bouquet of flowers. Even a single tree shows so much of character with two to three different shades and leaves scattered on the ground at its base. The leaves falling from the trees look like a beautiful boomerang. Sheeps are cute indeed.
    Thanks for sharing !!

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  2. These are some beautiful photos. Especially the Autumnal ones of the trees – My favourite is the one where you describe it as ‘being on fire’. It does look like that.

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