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A few days ago I had a bit of a clear out of my work desk. I call it a work desk, but to be honest it doesn’t really get used anymore. It became the place where I would dump things that I didn’t have a home for yet or things that were part of my ‘to-do’ pile. So I had a good tidy up and binned anything irrelevant and now I have a clean and organised space for writing blog posts and other bits and bobs.

The first thing I did on my newly organised desk was go through my laptop and clear that out too. I had a lot of photos that I didn’t need, including work rotas from about six months ago! But going through all my photos gave me a good blog idea and that’s how this post came about.

I have a folder dedicated to photography and there are a lot of old photos in there that actually make me cringe now. So why not share them online and let other people cringe at them too?

1. Bakewell
Everyone who reads my blog must know by now that I love the town of Bakewell. This photo was taken while I was still in college, so I was about seventeen years old and not truly recognising that I enjoyed taking photos yet.

The photo itself isn’t too bad. I like the angle of the sign post and the trees in the background. What I don’t like is how I’ve edited it. Unfortunately, I no longer have the original photo, but I know that the trees were green and the sky was blue. I’ve made the whole photo way too dark and sinister-looking. It no longer looks natural, especially with that yellow sky!

2. Musical Note
I loved this photo for so many years and I used it a lot as a background photo on social media. I actually still have the little music note and it hangs from a stand on my piano.

Again, I don’t mind the photo, it’s just the editing that has spoiled it. The darkened edges and yellow tones don’t look nice. You can also see a layer of dust on the note, so I obviously didn’t wipe it down before taking the photo (oops!) If I still had the original and could edit this again, I would make the white wall even brighter so it contrasted against the black note.

3. Sunset on the river
Yikes! This photo was taken when I was sixteen years old and just about to get my GCSE results. We were on a family holiday in Norfolk where we rented a little boat and sailed up and down the river for a few days, stopping off somewhere new each day to have a look around.

I’m sure the view was beautiful, but this photo really doesn’t capture it. It has been heavily edited to within an inch of its life and the decision to darken the edges baffles me! I’m sure that in the original photo, the boat was still white and not yellow and the sky still had hints of blue in it.

4. Giraffes
This photo was taken at Yorkshire Wildlife Park when I was still in college. It was a nice day out and I’ve been meaning to go again because I’ve heard that they have massively expanded their collection.

The photo is nice and I like the cross shape the two giraffes are making and where they stand in the photo. But once again, I’ve ruined it with heavy editing. I’ve used a filter called ‘cross-process’ which makes everything a yellow/green shade. I remember it being extremely popular around that time for selfies, but it’s not really working with these giraffes!

5. Winter Wonderland
Notice how the colours are basically the same as the boat photo? I think I must have used the exact same editing tools to do this one! This was taken one winter when we had a lot of snow and the garden looked magical.

I like the photo, although I would probably crop it a bit differently now, but I do like the trees in the background. The editing has spoiled it though because I’ve managed to turn it into a beige scene when it should be a contrast of the white snow, blue sky and pale-green trees. It doesn’t capture the beauty of the moment, and instead it just looks dull and uninteresting.

That’s it for my embarrassing photos, I have a few more but I think I’ve picked the best ones (or worst ones, depending on how you look at it!) In my defence, I was a lot younger and all of these were taken on phones with varying camera quality! Do you have any embarrassing old photos?




    1. Thank you, it was fun to reflect! I’m going to write a post about how I take and edit photos but I’m going to wait until I’m a bit more experienced. At the moment I don’t know everything that my camera can do and I’m still experimenting a lot! Thank you for reading x

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