Birds in Bakewell


Hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely Friday ahead of the bank holiday weekend. I’m working all weekend but I promise I’m definitely not bitter about it..

I spent most of the afternoon in Bakewell. Pal and I decided to go out for lunch and have a little nosey around the shops. The original plan was to try the fish and chip shop because every time we visit we can smell it, and it smells amazing. But once we had parked, I decided I would prefer to go to our usual lunch spot and come again another day for fish and chips. So that’s what we did.

We had a tasty, and very filling, lunch before a quick look in the shops and a stroll by the river. The weather couldn’t make its mind up today so we were quite lucky to have a chance to walk by the river.


There were plenty of ducks, geese and pigeons about, either on the river or pestering passers by for a spare chip. We found a dry bench and watched them for a while, and of course, I took some photos to share with you.



This is my favourite photo from today. I really like that he’s looking right at the camera and the light and shade on his face makes him look very soft. This little guy was very interested in us and he kept waddling up to where we were sitting and making little screeching noises.


I like this photo because of the colours. Pigeons are often overlooked when it comes to photographing birds because they are largely seen as pests. This particular pigeon made us both laugh because he was almost spherical with his feathers pushed out and his round body. He even looks like he’s striking a pose, as if he was at the end of a catwalk.


I had so many photos of this little bird because he was getting to close to us. I just like the softness of this picture. Even though there were so many birds around and the river was flowing fast, the photo looks so peaceful and still.


Look at that eye! The colour is so vivid thanks to the sun shining. It looks beautiful and a little bit off-putting at the same time!




On our way back to the car, we crossed the ‘padlock bridge.’ I’m pretty sure that this is a known thing around the world; a bridge where couples lock a padlock with their names and anniversary written on before throwing the key into the water below. It’s a symbol of their commitment to one another because, since the padlock can no longer be opened, they will always be locked together.


I go to Bakewell fairly often but I haven’t walked across the bridge for a while, and I was quite shocked at just how many there were. It was absolutely covered and there’s barely any room for any more padlocks! We looked through them to try and find the oldest padlock there and we found one from 1975 and another from 1965!


I can’t help but find this sort of thing really romantic and sentimental. I wanted us to put our own padlock on the bridge, but I think that crossed Pal’s romance line. To be fair, there wasn’t much room for one anyway! As we continued looking through, we found a padlock with the usual names and date on but then there was another padlock attached to it:


I wonder if they every managed to sort things out!

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Bonus photo:


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