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This afternoon, I visited my Nana and Grandad because I haven’t seen them for a few weeks and we needed a good catch up. While I was there, it was a great opportunity to get some lovely photos. At home, my garden doesn’t really amount to much because there aren’t many flowers and it’s mainly stone, but my Nana’s garden is full of flowers and wildlife.

I’ve really taken a liking to photographing small insects such as ants, bees and spiders. I find it fascinating that there’s a whole world that goes unnoticed because we never look close enough. A tiny beetle, for example, resting in the petals of a flower, or a little ant climbing an endless flower stem. I like to bring this tiny world to life through photos. I hope you like them!


This is easily my favourite photo from today. There’s just something really nice about it and I love that his wings are out. It can be quite challenging to get a good photo of flying insects because they’re constantly moving. Even when they’re on a flower, their little legs don’t stop scurrying!


I know this clearly isn’t a flower or an insect, but how could I resist sharing this picture? This is my Nana’s cat, Emily. She’s an elderly cat but she still loves to walk around in the garden when the weather is nice.


This photo surprised me and I very nearly didn’t upload it. When I was sorting through the 50+ photos that I took today, I almost deleted this one because I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Even when I started editing it, I nearly gave up. But I’m actually really pleased with it. I love the different shades of pink and how the colours pop.


This photo almost didn’t make it to the blog either. Before I cropped it, it just didn’t look right, and I was scratching my head trying to find a way to make it work. Sometimes the right crop is all you need! I also love how the colours work together.


I was surprised to see a snail when the weather today was so warm. He was actually resting by the pond, and that’s what he’s looking at in this photo. Snails are obviously quite easy to photograph – they’re not going anywhere anytime soon!


I took a lot of photos of this flower because there were so many insects roaming around – bees seem to love this plant! I like this photo though because of the contrast of colours and the striking shades of purple and violet.


I took quite a few photos of various spiders around the garden, and there were plenty of them! I’m not 100% sure I’m happy with this one, it feels like something is missing but I can’t put my finger on it. It’s my favourite compared to the other ones though and that’s why it made it into the blog.


I rarely take photos of flowers directly from above. I like to take photos that have a ‘wow’ factor, and I think that it’s too generic to take the photo from above. But I actually like how this one turned out, and none of the other angles seemed to work as well. I think I’ve learned something today – generic is sometimes a winner!


Look at this little bee bum! He was crawling around inside this flower for ages, giving me plenty of opportunities to snap some photos. I did get a photo of his full body once he was finished, but I much prefer this one, it makes me smile.


It may be a little fly, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth photographing, especially when it’s sitting on a lovely purple backdrop. I like the details and the colours of this photo.


I’m not actually sure what this insect is, so if anyone can enlighten me then please do! There were a lot of insects on these flowers, from big bees to tiny beetles. I took a lot of photographs of them but I haven’t uploaded them all because I don’t want it to get repetitive!


I’m torn over this photo. On the one hand, I love the colours and the details, especially on the bee. But I’m also irritated that the bee is on top of another flower in the background, so he doesn’t ‘pop’ out as much as he could. It’s all new lessons to be learned though, and it will only help me to improve!


I edited this photo and then deleted it. Then I restored it, edited it completely differently and now I’m uploading it. I know that the flower is dying and the petals are worn, but there’s still something really beautiful about it, so that’s why I’m sharing it.


I’m sharing this one simply because of how detailed it is. The fly really stands out from the wooden background, and I love that you can see every detail from his big eyes to the hairs on his feet.


This is an interesting plant, and it first caught my eye because of the deep purple colour. Apparently, it’s actually supposed to be white in colour and almost transparent, instead of purple or violet. I really like that you can see the seeds inside the leaf because the sun is shining through.


Yes, another fly, there were a lot of them! The flower in this photo was a lot smaller than it looks. The yellow area was about the same size as the end of a pen. Again, this little fly would go unnoticed, but thanks to photography, we can see it up close.


Last but not least! I’m not sure what it is about this photo that I like, but it made it to the blog. I think it’s the colours again, and the size of the white flowers.

That’s about it for this blog post, I really hope you liked it! If you would like any of these photos, then you can head to my shop to buy prints, magnets, key rings, cards or pretty much anything else that takes your fancy! There are plenty of other photos there too!


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  1. Great photos! My favorite is the bee on the yellow flower. I’m also trying to improve my photography skills. I just bought a camera the other day and I want to buy a few lenses. What lens are you using for these shots?

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  2. Wow, these photos are all so beautiful – your editing skills are amazing! The cat, snail, & bee bum are my favorites! ❤ I enjoyed reading your commentary & being able to see what you saw in each photo! Awesome post, Holly! ❤

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