12 Months of Gratitude: July

I’m a little bit late writing my gratitude post for July, because in all honesty I haven’t really felt like writing recently. But it’s better late than never, and as always, I have plenty to feel grateful for.

1. Friends

I’m not a very social person at the moment and I have a bad habit of shying away from social situations and making new friends.

This means that I tend to feel quite isolated and lonely, despite having a good relationship and a lovely family.

This month I tried to make more of an effort socially and I met up with my friend Holly who I haven’t seen for many years. We went to the zoo and had a really good catchup as we looked at all the animals.

It was so lovely to catch up and to push myself out of my comfort zone by going somewhere new.

I felt so comfortable and confident, all worries about food seemed to disappear for those few hours and my whole mood lifted.

It’s so important to take time to spend with friends. They’re such an important part of our lives and we should never take them for granted.

I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to re-connect with an old friend.

2. CBT

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know that I’m now going back to therapy. I’ve been lucky enough to go back to the same therapist that I was seeing last year, so he already knows me and my problems.

I’m really grateful that I’m able to get this sort of help. We’ve really talked through my struggles and I feel like I’m really starting to make progress. We’re finding the real root of my problems, and I know that once the root is dealt with, everything else will just fall into place.

That’s it for this blog post, I hope you liked it! What are you grateful for this month?




  1. Beautiful post, Holly and it’s a beautiful reflection of you! 🌟 Never mind how many or how few words you write, each fabulous photograph of yours is worth a thousand! ❤️

    I believe that we can never express enough gratitude for the many blessings we have in this life. The hardships we struggle with and overcome only intensify the feeling of gratitude in my experience.

    I once did a daily gratitude project for a year on my Facebook page. I have only family and friends I know on that site so it allowed me to be very personal in the content I wrote about. Over that year I discovered how powerful it is to focus on gratitude, and not only for me but for those reading. It boosts the spirit for certain.

    Thank you for having the courage to honestly share poignant parts of your life. I’m grateful. 🌈

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    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment, you’re always so kind to me!

      I’ve definitely found it useful to focus on the many things we have to be grateful for. The more I think about it, the more I realise just how much I take for granted. My life is so rich when I shift my attention to the positives.

      I like the idea of a daily gratitude log, I think I might write one offline in a diary. I bet it was lovely to look back through after a whole year!


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      1. You’re so welcome, Holly! 💜

        Yes you should try a gratitude log via your diary.

        I loved revisiting my older posts. I get pop ups from Facebook with reminders of these posts from 2 years ago and it’s lovely to read them.

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  2. Lovely post. I’m glad you had a nice trip to the zoo and it was worthwhile to push yourself a little bit! I’m also so happy to know therapy is helping you. I hope it continues to do so. 🙂

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