The Cattitude Diaries: Cool Cats


Good morning and welcome back to The Cattitude Diaries! This week we will be looking at my top five tips for keeping your cat cool in hot weather.

If you live in the UK then you will have experienced a long heatwave over the past few weeks, and it can really be dangerous for our pets.

I was particularly worried about Molly, my black cat, because her fur is so long and thick. But by following these five steps, we managed to keep her cool and comfortable during the warmest hours.

1. Pop some ice cubes in their water bowl.

Just as we enjoy ice-cold drinks in hot weather, this is a quick and easy way to cool down your cat. Ice cube trays are available from most supermarkets and are pretty cheap to buy.

On the subject of water, it’s a good idea to have more than one bowl available to your cat as they will drink a lot more than in cooler weather and will run out quickly!

2. Frozen tea towels

If you have space in your freezer, you can wet a tea towel and let it freeze overnight. The next day you can lay it out on the floor as a cold blanket for your cat to stretch out on.

This one takes a bit of forward-planning so make sure you check the forecast for the next day so you can get your tea towels prepped!

A lot of pet stores sell cooling mats during hot weather, but I wouldn’t advise using one for cats. They’re very good at keeping pets cool, but if your cat pierced the fabric then the gel could leak and you don’t want your cat to ingest any!

3. Frozen water bottle

We use this tip at work for the rabbits and guinea pigs, but it can also work really well for cats and dogs.

Take a water bottle, fill it with water but leave a few inches empty at the top and then leave it to freeze overnight.

Wrap it in a towel and let your pet lay alongside it. It should instantly cool them down!

Remember to keep one in the freezer when you’re using one so there’s always a cold bottle ready!

4. Pet them with a damp cloth

Cats sometimes groom as a way of cooling themselves down. You can copy this slightly by stroking them with a damp cloth.

Some cats really appreciate the cooling sensation and the bonding moment between you, but other cats won’t appreciate your grooming attempt! Make sure your cat is comfortable being stroked and remember you want to slightly dampen their coat, not wet it!

5. Buy a small fan

They work wonders for us and cats are no exception. Small fans are available in most shops when the weather warms up and even a small one will do the trick.

My cats have spent hours in front of our fan, so I can tell they really appreciate it!

I hope this post helped and gave you some ideas for your cat. Let me know if there’s anything else you do to keep your cat cool!

Come back next week when I’ll be writing all about claws!




  1. Got some great new tips here for Sooty – he’s full black and even though his fur isnt long it’s eally thick and he’s still shedding his winter coat. We’ve tried some of these already but you brought to light some really great new ones like the towel, mu cat would claw at the cooling matts straight away so a towel is perfect

    Liked by 1 person

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