Happy Monday! I just thought I would share with you some photographs I took in my garden this afternoon.

Unfortunately, my garden doesn’t see much wildlife activity. We don’t have a lawn or many flowers and having three cats tends to scare away the birds.

But I did manage to get a few photos!

A small bird was chirping rather loudly on the roof of the shed, and I quickly snapped a few photos of him.

I’m starting to appreciate just how difficult it is to photograph birds. Not only do they fly away without warning, but they also never stay still! They’re constantly jumping around and turning their heads!

I really like these photos because they look more like paintings than photographs. I think it’s the beautiful blue sky as a backdrop that makes these photos quite striking.

It inspired me to get a little bit creative during editing, and I came up with these:

They’re a little bit artsy and different compared to my usual photography style, but I quite like it. They’re little works of art.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it!


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