Spring has not sprung!


Happy spring! It’s a shame it doesn’t quite feel like it though isn’t it? After all that snow, we’re now facing the prospect of a white Easter!

Today was a rare sunny day, so I took the opportunity to head outdoors with my grandparents. It wasn’t warm by any stretch of the imagination, but it was nice enough for a walk.

We headed to Bakewell, my favourite town, for some lunch. It’s a very picturesque place with stone-built houses, cobbled streets and interesting shops.

There are a lot of clothing shops that sell outdoorsy clothing for country walks and camping; there are many wellies!

Some of the shops seemed to be a mix of everything, and there were some odd and quirky items such as this pair of crazy-faced sheep:

But there were lots of nice items too. One of my favourite shops specialises in wooden carvings, and they have a huge selection of ducks and giraffes, but these woodland carvings were my favourites:

After we were finished looking around the shops, we headed to the river for a short walk.

It was quite cold at this point because the sun had disappeared behind the clouds and the wind had picked up. We didn’t mind though, we strolled on with our messy hair and rosy cheeks!

We saw quite a few daffodils trying to bloom, it was nice to know that spring is on the way, even if it is taking its time!

We came across a pair of ducks on the side of the river. They didn’t seem to mind us one bit and they let me get close enough to snap a few photos.

It was nice to go out somewhere on my day off and to take advantage of a good-weather-day!


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