12 Months of Gratitude: February


Happy snow day! I should have been at work this afternoon but there was no way I was getting my car off the drive, let alone all the way to work!

So today I’ve enjoyed an unexpected lazy day! I’ve basically been sat at the window all day watching the snow falling and being amazed by how pretty it is.

We did venture out at one point to get some supplies from the corner store, and it was freezing! My nose and ears have never hurt so much!

My shoes didn’t look too good either!

Anyway, welcome back to the second gratitude diary entry in my ’12 Months of gratitude’ series. There were a few things that I felt particularly grateful for this month:

1) My car

Before I could drive, I used to take the bus to work. This meant getting up a lot earlier than I do now and standing in the cold (and usually the dark) waiting for the bus to turn up.

The freezing temperatures this month and the overload of snow and ice has made me so grateful that I can drive now. It’s so easy to take it for granted: you jump in the car and before you know it you’re at work.

Not only am I warmer because of it but I’m also safer. Coming home via bus at 9:30pm on a December evening didn’t feel very secure, especially since I had to walk through a park with no street lighting. It was pretty scary!

2) The seasons

I’m very grateful to live in the country that I live in because I love the four clear seasons.

If I lived somewhere that was warm year round or cold year round, I think I would get a bit bored. I love Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, and I look forward to all of them as they come.

Although this winter has definitely been snowier than I remember it being in the past few years!

3) Tom

This month, Tom’s health deteriorated and it really got me panicking. He’s still not out of the woods yet and we still haven’t got a solid diagnosis, but at least he is home and safe.

Having to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of having to say goodbye was extremely difficult and it has really made me so much more grateful for having him in my life.

Seriously, cuddle your pets tight!

That’s about it for this blog post, I hope you enjoyed it!

What have you been grateful for this February?


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