Rainy Day


What a rainy, windy day it is, at least it is where I am anyway!

I spent the day with my mum, and we did our usual routine of going out to eat in Bakewell, probably one of my favourite towns, then wandering around the garden Center looking at all the nice things we can’t afford, and then doing a bit of shopping for a party on Saturday night.

As usual, I took a few photos of our day and thought I’d share them on the blog.

This is the cafe in Bakewell where we always go for lunch. It has such a nice shabby-chic vibe to it, and it was really quiet today.

There’s also a bakery attached to the cafe, so we took something nice to eat at home. I opted for this rather tasty gingerbread man, because I’m a bit of a child sometimes!

When we reached the garden Center, the staff were busy packing away the last of the Christmas decorations. It was quite sad really to see what was once a decorative winter wonderland be reduced to a few baubles and trees.

These gingerbread men looked particularly cute and I was very tempted to take them home for next Christmas! Imagine how cute a pair would look by the fireplace.

Of course, there were also lots of flowers around. I really like all the different colours and shapes. I’ve not got much of a garden at home so I don’t do much gardening, but I do like to have a look anyway!

They also have a large gifting section which has a lot of homeware, kitchen items, candles, bath bombs and clothes. We spent a little while smelling the different candles, and apparently I’m going to be getting my favourite one for my birthday next month!

Last but not least was the children’s section. I always like to have a little look, just for the nostalgia. This time they had some wind-up toys, and a table top to try them out on.

Not going to lie, the two of us spent a good five minutes trying them all out and laughing at their movements! Some of the other shoppers were giving us strange glances.

That’s about it for this blog post, I hope you liked it! Did you get up to anything interesting on this miserable day?


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