Taking a break from social media..

Way back in March last year, I gave up social media for a month and I wrote a little blog post about it. At the time, it was more of an experiment to see just how much social media had become a part of my life.

I’m going to do it again, although I don’t know for how long. It may be until the end of January, maybe even February or it might even be for the next six months.

Recently, I’ve been feeling a little bit overwhelmed with it all. In the new year, I refreshed my Twitter feed by only following body positive, recovery or nature accounts. My news feed was filled with pictures of adorable wildlife, conservation projects, recovery stories and body positive quotes.

But it still felt like too much. Even when I liked what I was seeing, I was simply seeing it too much. Endlessly scrolling on my phone, not really taking in any of the information presented to me.

Another website that needs to go is YouTube. I have a big love-hate relationship with YouTube, because the content is so varied you can watch pretty much anything.

I love watching certain channels, like Marzia’s. But again, I end up down the rabbit hole and come away feeling disheartened about my own life in comparison.

Social media is great for so many things but we’re all guilty (myself included) of only sharing the positives. We see people online as perfect, happy, beautiful, flawless and in return we see ourselves as the complete opposite.

There are pictures from last summer on my Twitter account that look cute or funny, but when I look at them I only remember how depressed I was feeling that day, or how I cried myself to sleep just hours after uploading. We all do it, but we all fail to recognise it when others do it too. It’s easier to accept that their lives are perfect.

Couple all of this with the huge surge of “New Year, New Me” dieters and it’s all just a bit too much for me.

I need a moment to focus on my own life, the real people in it, the things I do every day and trying to figure out what I want to do with my life.

I can’t do that when I’m counting likes, views, retweets and getting caught up in the huge popularity contest that is social media.

My blog, as always, is my own space and therefore doesn’t effect me in a negative way.

I hope I can become more resilient one day, so the pressures of social media just melt away like water off a duck’s back. But until then, I need a breather every once in a while to look after my mental health.




  1. I’ve never thought of Youtube in those terms – because there is far less pressure to continue following channels – versus Facebook, where if you unfollow a friend, or family, they turn into a psychotic monster lol (I have SO many people marked as aquaintances it’s funny).

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  2. I’m glad that you’re doing what you know is right for you!! I agree, social media does become a bit much after such a short amount of time. There are many pros and cons. You have a lovely blog, by the way! ❤ xx


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