Merry Christmas!

Good evening! I hope you’re all having a great Christmas. I’m currently watching Frozen with my family as I’m writing this! It doesn’t get more Christmassy than that!

My Christmas was all about friends, family and enjoying delicious food.

Pal and I had our Christmas celebrations yesterday as we both went to our parents today so we wouldn’t get chance to see each other properly. We opened presents, watched Harry Potter and ate chocolate.

We bought each other jokey presents this year to try and make each other laugh. He won.

He bought me two fake scratch cards and for a good five minutes I honestly believed I had just won £100,000! That was a rollercoaster of emotions! I highly recommend this as a joke present though.

We also let our cats open their cat stockings! I think they now have enough treats and toys to last them all of 2018! They seemed really impressed and there was a lot of purring going on.

Today I went to my mum’s for Christmas dinner and to open my presents. It was really nice to get together and just relax. My nana even made us a chocolate cake, just look at the little reindeer on top!

At the dinner table, my mum had given us each a little box of chocolates and some bubbles. It was a really nice touch that made it feel extra special.

After dinner it was time for some fun and games. We played mousie-mousie (who remembers that one?), catchphrase and a remake of the classic “Who am I?” game. Instead of just putting a sticky note on your forehead, you actually wear the face! There were plenty of laughs!

We also decided that this year we all needed to wear monster feet. I’m not sure who came up with the idea, but it was hilarious, and a little bit slippy!

Even the dog had his Christmas jumper on!

What did you get up to this Christmas? Let me know!



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