Cheat Bake Day!

Today, me and my sister decided to have a baking day, but we cheated a little bit and used pre-made mixes.

We made three desserts: shortbread, salted caramel brownie and chocolate muffins.

1. Christmas jumper shortbread

These were quite fun to make, but the box included a stencil instead of a cutter which made it quite difficult to get a clear shape.

Towards the end, I decided to use my gingerbread cutter instead because I was a bit lazy.

Decorating them was fun though and I think they definitely look like cute little Christmas jumpers!

2. Salted caramel brownie

These were so delicious! We were worried that they wouldn’t come out right but they were really yummy.

The salted caramel was really strong and the middle was chewy, I would definitely make them again.

3. Chocolate muffins

The original cases were plain, but we decided to use Christmas cases instead, because it’s only one month away!

We also added marshmellows to make them a little bit chewy. They came out really nice!

I now have a plate full of puddings!


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