Meeting the Meerkats!

Watch the video here!

Good evening! I hope you’re all enjoying your Friday evening, even if it is the 13th! Today, Pal and I went to Hoo Farm Park for a ‘Meet the Meerkats’ experience, which was a Christmas present from my stepdad last year. I was honestly so excited to get in the enclosure and cuddle some meerkats!

After a little bit of driving stress, getting lost a few times and actually driving past the place, we made it. I was relieved to find that the rest of the group who were booked on the same experience were older than us – I did think we would be surrounded by children!

The experience was in two parts. First, we were given the opportunity to feed the meerkats, and we were told how to do this safely to avoid getting a bite! They didn’t think much to the carrot or pear slices, but they were very keen on the live meal worms and banana chunks! Once you had a single meal worm in your hand you were surrounded by all of them!

After they were fed and were starting to lose interest in us, we went to a different enclosure with two hand-reared meerkats for a handling experience. These two were quite fiesty, but in an adorable way. Me and Pal both got a cuddle and some photos – Kovu the meerkat really enjoyed having his belly rubbed, he almost fell asleep!

The guide was informative and fun, I definitely learned a lot. He told us lots of stories about the meerkats, and answered any questions we had, but to be honest I was too busy laughing to ask many questions.

Once the experience was over, we were granted access to the rest of the park, which included a range of animals from reptiles to wild cats. We had a good look around and despite it beginning to rain, we had a wonderful time.

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