A late September Roundup!

Oops. I forgot to post my September roundup! But here it is, a few days late, and I finally found a use for the chicken photo I took ages ago. 

September for me has been a month of working on my mental health and pushing forward in recovery. I feel like I’ve come such a long way in one short month. 

Back in August, I set myself three goals: to make more YouTube videos, to read a book and to go to my first CBT session. I’m happy to say that I completed all three! 

I’ve made a few more YouTube videos, my favourite is probably from when Pal and I visited The Deep in Hull. I definitely enjoy being creative and making little videos.

No prizes for guessing which book I read this month, I feel like I’ve gone on and on about it! 

I also attended my first, second and third CBT sessions and I really feel like I’m making progress through them. 

But now to set some goals for October, the spookiest month of the year!

I’ve decided to try and do more things that scare me (get it? Because it’s a scary month?) and really push the boundaries of my comfort zone in the hopes of boosting my self esteem.

I’m only setting the one goal for this month because it’s a pretty big one! 

As always, here are some of my favourite photos from September! 

– Holly


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