A letter to my body… 

For the past few years we haven’t quite seen eye to eye. I’ve starved you, stuffed you, measured you and scorned you. I’ve scrutinised every inch of skin in the mirror and measured your worth with a bathroom scale. Let me be the first to say,

I’m sorry. 

I’m sorry for ignoring your basic needs. I’m sorry for denying you the nourishment you needed. I’m sorry for saying you weren’t good enough. I’m sorry for saying you needed to change. 

Through all of this you fought to keep me alive and well. From now on, I promise to appreciate everything you do for me.

You’re the reason I can run, hop, dance and skip, the reason I can wave, lift, hold and hug. You’re the reason I can see, hear, smell and taste. You’re the reason I can get out of bed each morning and go about my daily business. You’re the reason I can experience my life. 

As the years go on and you change, grow and age, I will continue to accept you. If I’m lucky enough to carry a child, I will wear my stretch marks with pride, as a sign of the life that I created. If I’m privileged enough to grow old, every line on my face will show the life that I lived. If you’re hurt or scarred, I’ll show my marks to the world, because every scar tells a story from my journey. 

You may not be beautiful by everybody’s standards, but that’s ok, beautiful is the last thing you need to be anyway. I’ve got my personality for that. You work every day to keep me alive, and for that, you are perfect to me. 

From now on, we’re a team. I promise to listen to you and respect you, love you and care for you, I’m just sorry that I ever stopped. 



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