Country Walk

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re all having a great day. Today I went to visit my grandparents and despite the cloudy weather, we decided to go out for a walk in the countryside.

Luckily for us, it stopped raining for the duration of the walk, although there was definitely a chill in the air!

I saw lots of leaves on the ground, Autumn is well and truly on the way! I have to admit, it’s my favourite season.

I took a lot of photos, as always. I really loved that some of the plants still had little raindrops on their leaves.

I must have stopped every five minutes or so to snap a photo, I’m really enjoying photography at the moment and I really think it’s my passion. I must have been quite annoying though, the amount of times my grandparents were walking and turned around to see I was far behind them!

There was lots of moss lurking around, and again I liked that it had little droplets of water on it.

It just looked really pretty, in a strange way I guess.

There were also some really large trees with ancient curled roots and gnarled trunks.

This one had a massive hole that I’m sure I could have got in to if I’d tried!

We found some sheep wool that had become tangled up in the branches.

It was really soft!

Here are a few more photos:

Holly is always watching!

I had a really good day, we chatted loads and had a lovely pub lunch. That’s about it for this blog post, I hope you liked it!

Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter @HollyRobiin for more updates.

I’ll leave you with this craziness, the moment when my nana pretended to shoot my grandad with her umbrella…


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