August Roundup

This month has flown by! I feel like I write that on every single Roundup, but it seriously has!

This month has been quite action-packed for me. I went on holiday, I made two YouTube videos and I even had my first panic attack (on the aeroplane, of course.)

I set myself two goals for August, so let’s dive in:

1) To make a holiday video 

I had so much fun making my Zante video. I took about 18 minutes worth of videos and managed to squeeze it in to a 4 minute clip. 

I really enjoyed filming and photographing all of the sights in Zante. I’ve always had a passion for photography and it really gave me a great opportunity to have some fun with it.

When I got home, I spent about 4 hours going through all of the videos, choosing the right music for the video and editing it down. I lost time when I was doing it, which is always a sign that you’re doing something you love!

2) To make positive steps in my recovery

At the beginning of the month I was doing really well. I didn’t weigh myself for weeks and I was starting to feel really positive about my body, and this was amplified when I was on holiday.

I’ve had a little wobble over the past few days but I’m working on it! 

But it’s time to look ahead to September and I’ve thought of three goals I’d like to achieve or work on next month:

1) Make more YouTube videos

Because I had so much fun making my Zante video, I’d like to do a few more videos and see where it takes me. I have a lot to learn about editing but at the moment it’s just a nice creative outlet. 

2) Read another book

Reading is always a good hobby, and I read two books on holiday. I already know which book I want to read in September and I plan on doing a little review on it on here.

3) To go to my first CBT session

I’ve got mixed feelings about the session but I know that it will do me good. Im really hoping that it’ll help tie up any loose ends and help me to change disordered thoughts in to something more positive.

That’s about it for this post, I hope you enjoyed it. As always you can follow me on twitter @HollyRobiin for more updates. But for now I’ll leave you with my favourite photos from August!


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