It’s our Housiversary!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful bank holiday weekend, unless like me, you work in retail, in which case I hope you’re having a wonderful day at work!
Anyway, today is our one year housiversary! On this day one year ago we picked up the keys to our new place and settled in to our new lives. I thought it would be nice to take this opportunity to share five things that I’ve learned over the past year about flying the nest.

1) I don’t think I’ll ever feel like an adult…
I always thought that once I had moved in to my own place, I would start to feel more mature, but apparently that’s just not the case! Instead of being a sophisticated adult, I just do childish things with my partner instead of my sister.

I pay bills, can finally drive a car and have a full time job, yet in my spare time I play animal crossing, mess around with my cats and watch comedy shows. If that’s adulting then I’m doing it perfectly!

2) I should have bought furniture first!
I’ll always remember our first week in the house. We had a mattress for a bed, garden chairs for a sofa and absolutely no cutlery in the kitchen – I even had to borrow a bowl from work just to eat my dinner!

I’m not going to lie, getting furniture was stressful and the house felt cold and empty without any little personal touches.

My family really helped though, my mum and my nana seemed to suddenly have lots of spare tea towels and cutlery which they generously gave us. My mum even made a little hamper full of our favourites like hot chocolate, milkshake and energy drinks for Pal.

3) It takes some adjusting!
We went from spending one day a week together to being together all day every day, and that took some adjustment! I’ve discovered that there’s more than one way (my way) of doing things, and that that’s not really a problem.

Luckily for us, we’ve not had any massive arguments or shouting sessions, just a few disagreements on how things should be done, mainly around shopping – who knew it could be so stressful! But relationships are all about give and take and we’re both willing to make small changes for each other.

4) My family will always be there
One of my big worries about leaving home was how much I would miss my mum and my sister. The three of us have always been very close, and it did feel really weird not to see them every day.

We’ve fallen in to a routine where once a week I go over to their house for dinner and a good catch-up, and it’s usually the highlight of my week. 

But I’ve learned that they’re not going anywhere and our relationship doesn’t have to change just because I don’t live there anymore.

5) We make GREAT cat parents
Honestly, we’re such a good team, we should make great parents one day! But all joking aside, I do love our little family unit, including said cats!

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  1. I love this – especially when you say about never feeling like an adult! Lol. My bf and I moved in together last November and I feel the exact same. I can drive, I work full time, I rent a house, damn I even have a credit card in preparation for my mortgage hunting yet I still feel about 15 lol. Just instead of doing it alone you have your partner who is also still a grown up child with you lol


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