Totally Turtles Boat trip!b

Right now I’m on the island of Zante in Greece, where it’s currently 42 degrees!

Today we decided to go on a boat trip, because the sea around here is absolutely beautiful, and it would be silly to come all this way without seeing it properly.

We booked a boat trip that took us around ‘turtle island’ an island that is shaped like a turtle and is a common nesting ground for them each summer.

As we sailed around the island, the scenery was breathtaking, from the crystal clear waves to the dramatic rocky cliffs. There were even some caves scattered around.

We even had a chance to swim in the sea, which was an incredible experience. I couldn’t help but feel so lucky that I was able to have this experience.

On the way back we spotted an island where there was a wedding taking place and it was so beautiful, I’d love to get married somewhere like this.

That’s about it for this blog, I am making a video diary of my holiday which will include much more videos of the boat trip but that won’t be until next week.

Sorry if some of the photos aren’t great quality, a few of them are stills taken from my videos!

It would be right to have a blog post without mentioning a cat, so here:

I made friends with this little guy during my holiday, and he comes and sits with us by the pool. Crazy cat woman or what?


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