Get To Know Me: My Bedroom!

Things have been a little intense on my blog lately, so I decided to lighten it up a little with another get to know me post, this time looking at my bedroom!

Up until last August, I lived with my mum and sister and had my own room which was very centered around everything I love. Now that I live with my partner, I’ve had to tone down a little bit to accommodate his style and likes…

I still managed to get plenty of cat-themed items in though! From the cat sticker on my (slightly dirty) light switch, to the cat ornament on the windowsill, I’ve found ways to slowly sneak cats into the bedroom!

I’ve also managed to get in a good amount of cuddly toys. I’m the kind of person that keeps hold of every cuddly toy she had growing up, and I had loads! I picked these favourites to go on our bedside tables.

Recently though, my other half did tell me I needed ‘less cuddly toys in the bedroom’ – um, what!?

If you recognise this then you’re definitely my type of person! My animal crossing pillow is one of my favourite, and surprisingly comfy, bed items. If I had my way, the bedding would be floral with lots of pillows and cushions, but I was defeated in that particular discussion..

We don’t have many things on the walls, mainly because we can’t agree on what to put! I don’t see what’s wrong with a seaside canvas and beach huts, surely they’re adorable and nice to wake up to, but I digress.

I have, however, got this lovely canvas my family made for my 21st birthday. It has their handprints and names on, including all three cats and the dog. I don’t know how they managed to get the cat to dip their paw in paint without making a massive mess!

Last but not least is my desk. My own little area that I can design how I want it. I have more cuddly toys and ornaments mainly from family members. It’s a nice space where I can write my blogs and get stuck in my work.

That’s about it for this blog, I hope you enjoyed it and learned a bit more about my personality!

What does your room say about you?

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