Roundup Of June!

I honestly can’t believe how quickly June has gone. It really does seem like only a week ago since I was sat in the garden writing my May Roundup!

I had three goals for June: To read more, to be more outdoorsy and to do something about my fear of flying. 

I have read a little bit more. I’ve started reading ‘My beautiful struggle’ by Jordan Bone and I’m finding it really inspiring. I also read JayceeLee Dugard’s story which was a rollercoaster of emotions but her optimism and hope is awe inspiring. 

When it came to being outdoorsy, I tried my best! We had some gorgeous hot days this month so it was easy to get out and about and finally mow the garden lawn! But then we’ve also had some real storms, which I do enjoy, so it was sometimes a case of sitting indoors all snuggled up watching the rain. 

The fear of flying goal has been half dealt with. Some of the girls at work have recommended a few products I could try to relieve the nerves and stress. I’m a bit too embarrassed to go to a doctor about it, I think they’ll just laugh me out of there. 

 I’ve had a little think about some goals for July and I’ve settled on these two: 

1) To get holiday-ready!

I’m going on holiday in August but I don’t really own any summery clothes. I have one maxi dress and a pair of shorts but that’s it. So it would be nice to buy a few pieces of summery clothing for relaxing by the pool.

2) To grow my nails

It might sound like an odd goal but I’d like to have painted nails when I go away, and at the moment there isn’t much there to paint! I don’t bite my nails but I don’t really take much care of them, so they tend to snap and break easily, especially when I’m at work. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve these goals! 

Last but not least, here are some of my favourite pictures from June:


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