Get to know me: My car

It has been a while since I did a get to know me blog post. Last time I did a quiz but today I thought I would talk about my car because I think it really shows my personality.

As you can see, my car is a fiat 500. It’s probably the most girly car out there but I don’t really mind. It’s cute and small and it suits me just fine. I named it ‘Flo’ – surely I can’t be the only person to name my car?

I have a total of 5 stuffed animals in my car, and I love each of them. These two are called Shelly and Sally and my mum bought them for me on the day that I passed my driving test!

On the left of the dashboard is this little lamb – who still doesn’t have a name! Sometimes he slides off when I go round a corner and whoever is in the car shouts “lamb down!” – I even say it when I’m on my own. 

On the back seat is ‘back-seat-bun’. I bought it from work over Easter but I decided it looked really cute in the back. It’s quite big and very fluffy, with a lovely pattern in the ears. 

Hanging on the back window is simon’s cat! This was a birthday present and I love it. 

My sister bought me some silver paw prints for my car, since I’m cat mad and work with animals. Two are on the outside behind the back window and the other two are on the dashboard.

One of my favourite features of the car is the glass roof. It doesn’t open but it’s nice to let the sun shine in when it’s a nice day. 

Or when it’s really frosty, it looks pretty cool!

That’s about it for this blog, I hope you liked it! If you have any name suggestions for my lamb then let me know in the comments! 




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