The Bird Story

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I heard an unusually loud bird chirp, followed by Lily meowing. So I went downstairs to investigate.

Lily was sniffing around in the pile of shoes by the front door, and it quickly dawned on me what was going on! I shut Lily in a separate room and started rummaging through the shoes, where I found this little guy. 


I picked him up and carried him upstairs, I didn’t want to risk carrying him through the room where Lily was. 

Upstairs he sat perched on my finger trying to figure everything out. I gave him a quick once over and he didn’t look physically hurt in any way.

I opened the upstairs window to let him fly away, but he decided to play an hour long game of hide-and-seek instead! He flew to the wardarobe, the desk, the cupboards and sat on the windowsill, with me chasing him around and trying to encourage him to go towards to large open window!

After an hour I decided enough was enough. He was getting stressed and I needed to get to work! I wrapped him in a towel and carried him over to the open window. He was off in a shot and flew straight in to a large tree in the garden next door. 

I felt a sigh of relief and happiness watching him fly away and to safety.

Unfortunately, having cats does lead to the occasional bird. But I do my best to save any that I can, and today was thankfully a success! 


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