Round up of May

It’s the last day of May, which means that summer is beginning! Bring on the warm days, BBQ evenings and holidays!

May has been a good month for me. I participated in the Pretty Muddy race for life, I spent some quality time with my mum in Bakewell and I even bought two new crested geckos!

I gave myself two goals for May, which I set myself back in the April round up. One was to start writing a diary, the other was to do more of what I love but also try new things.

I managed to do pretty well with both goals. I don’t write in my diary every day, but I use it whenever I feel overwhelmed of stressed. It does feel good to get all of the emotion out. 

I’ve also done a lot more of the things I enjoy, such as baking and reading. But I tried new things, such as the birthday present I made for my Nana.

I’ve definitely achieved my goal of cheering myself up a little bit.

Looking forward, I’d like to set myself a few goals for June.

1) To read more

I feel like summer is a great season for reading, and there’s nothing I like more than sitting in the sun in the back garden with my kindle. 

I also need to start building up a pile of good reads to take on holiday with me in August – so if anyone has any suggestions, just comment them below! 

2) To be more outdoorsy 

It’s no good having good weather if you sit inside and ignore it, so I’m making it a goal to get outside and enjoy it.

I’m very lucky to live in a part of the country that’s surrounded by walking trails and countryside, so it would be silly not to embrace it.

3) Take steps to conquer my fear of flying

As I’ve said, I’m going on holiday in August, which requires a four-hour flight. I’m absolutely terrified of flying and I’m already losing sleep and having nightmares about it.

So in June, I need to take some steps to make it easier for myself. Whether this is reading self-help books or talking with my doctor. 

That’s about it for this blog post, I hope you liked it! Here’s a few of my favourite photos from May:



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