Down by the river.

Today I had the day off work so me and my mum decided to spend the day in Bakewell – the town where Bakewell tarts come from!

We stopped for lunch and a cake before heading down to the river to chat in the sun.

The weather turned out nice today so we sat for about half an hour watching the ducks and catching up.

We also had a cheeky ice cream when we spotted the ice cream van! I chose a strawberry cone and the ice cream was so soft and delicious!

Next we headed to the garden center to have a look round. We don’t usually buy anything, we just like looking at the gift section. But today something caught my eye.

I remember always loving these plants as a child, so I couldn’t help but buy one for old times sake! I also bought a small plant pot which I painted when I got home to make it white and baby pink – not my best paint job but that doesn’t matter.

I also bought this beautiful pasta! It really looks too good to eat, I feel like I could wear those little bows since they look like accessories!

That’s about it for this blog, I hope you liked it! Make sure to follow me on twitter @HollyRobiin for blog updates (and cat pictures!)

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