March Roundup

In a few days time, March will be over so it’s time for another monthly  roundup blog.

March has been a pretty good month for me. I managed to stick to my plan to stay away from social media and I’m actually really surprised that I don’t miss it. I honestly thought I would be counting down the days until I could log back in to Facebook and see what’s happening. 

Instead I’ve found that my life is no different without it. So hopefully when I do go back on in April, I can keep a healthy distance from it and not let it take over my life again. Social media is good for many things, but it’s so easy to get glued to your phone and miss out on life. 

As well as the social media challenge, I also set myself another goal for March and that was to exercise more. I’m still hopeless at getting myself motivated but I do go out walking now. Walking is a good exercise for me because it doesn’t draw much attention in the same way that running and jogging does. It also doesn’t require a gym membership (I’m terrified of going to a gym!). But I think I’m going to try swimming too and see where that goes.

April Goals

I’m so excited for April, it’s my favourite month of the year. I love the April showers, the blossoms on the trees and the warmth in the air (hopefully). It’s the first month where it feels like spring is actually happening and the dark winter days fade away. 

Like every other month, I’m going to set myself a few goals for April. I like to always have something to work towards, even if it’s little.

1) To get creative.

I tend to do a lot of baking, which is nice because I’m getting better at it and I do like blogging about my creations. The downside however, is that I end up eating it all which just isn’t healthy, especially when I’m baking every week. 

So for this month I’d like to get creative in other ways, whether that’s writing, painting or creating something.

Ever since I visited a new craft shop in February I’ve been wanting to go back and have another look, so it’s a good opportunity to get the creative juices flowing! Of course any creations will end up here for everyone to see – and probably laugh at!

2) Make progress with my book.

I’m toying around with an idea for a book at the moment so April would be a good time to actually get writing it. If I could complete the first chapter to a good standard by May then I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something. 

I’ve always loved writing and it feels like such a waste to not be working on anything right now.

That’s about it for this post, do you have any goals for April? 

Where to find me: Twitter @HollyRobiin 


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