Getting Crafty! 

Today I had a few hours of free time after work and I decided to be semi-productive. 

Last month I visited a new craft store in town to have a nosey at the things they sell and I bought a few ornaments to paint. One of them ended up being a present for my boyfriend but the others were put in a bag and forgotten about, until now. 

There were two ornaments, a little cow piggy bank and an Easter rabbit:

I decided that the cow would make a good joke present for Mother’s Day because my mum loves cows and collects cow ornaments, and the Easter rabbit would just be a cute ornament for decoration.

So I spent a few hours painting, which is very therapeutic and a good way to chill out after a long day at work! They actually turned out ok. I’m not particularly good at painting, I tend to get shaky hands and paint outside the lines but they look pretty cute:

I know my mum will love the cow piggy bank, and the bunny will add some colour to the living room! 

That’s all for now!


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