Mother’s Day Prep

I haven’t written a blog for quite a few weeks now, but with Mother’s Day just around the corner I’ve been quite busy getting things ready.

I’m very lucky to have the mum that I have. I see her as my best friend, someone I can go to with any problem knowing she will always have the right words. She has always been there for me and put me and my sister above everything else in her life.

So each year when Mother’s Day rolls around, we like to make sure she’s spoilt! This year we’re taking her for a pamper evening at a local spa that the three of us adore. We haven’t booked any treatments but the pool, sauna, steam room and outdoor jacuzzi will be enough to make anyone relax.

It’ll be nice to spend an evening just the three of us having a good old relaxation and catch up!

I also like to give cards and gifts to my Nana and Grandma on Mother’s Day to thank them for everything they have done for me through the years. This year I decided to do some baking for them, since this seems to be something I’ve got into lately!

They’re a little rough around the edges (like all of my bakes!) but I’m very happy with them. The silver shimmer spray really finishes them off nicely and just adds that extra sparkle!

Bakewell tarts are one of favourites to make, and as usual I used jam in half and lemon curd in the other – just to keep things interesting!

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day celebrating the greatest women in our lives!

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