Birthday Blog

Happy birthday to me! I haven’t written a blog post for a little while, mainly because I’ve been very busy at work this week. But today I got the day off for my birthday and I thought I’d share some of the presents I got and what I did to celebrate. 

I got three cakes this year (3!). The top one with the edible pink flowers was made by my Nana. It’s become a tradition that every year she bakes one of her legendary chocolate cakes and this year was no different. The bottom one was made by my sister who has only recently got in to baking but it looks (and tastes) fabulous! This much cake will keep me going for weeks!

This is a little collection of presents. The wine bottle is prettier than this picture makes it out to be. It’s purple and the lights inside are star-shaped so it creates a pretty effect on the glass. 

The book of baking will definitely come in handy and no doubt any of my creations will make it on to the blog. I also love the shabby chic photo frame and the sister plaque. 

Of course I also received a lot of cat-related presents – my family know me so well! I’ve had a flick through the book and it’s very interesting. There’s lots of information about cat behaviour and body language which will really come in handy – especially at work! 

I’m a big lover of candles and my mum got me a personalised tealight holder with mine and Pal’s name on, which I love. She also got me a cat-face watch which  I’ve been going on about for a while now, and a large cat-themed travel bag.

This last one is one of my favourites. My sister got me a book all about my birth date. It’s filled with fun little facts about when I was born and what was happening in the world at that time. It felt so nostalgic to read back through it, and there were plenty of funny bits too. 

After opening my presents (and sampling the cakes) we went out to Bakewell for some lunch and had a little wander around the shops in the rain – including this sweet shop with mini cakes and doughnuts! 

That’s about it for the post, I hope you liked it! There will be more to come over the next week. 



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