Calling All Bookworms!

Since I moved house last year, my poor kindle has been sitting in a corner gathering dust. So this week I dug out the charger, switched it on and went through my list of books. 

I’d forgotten how many amazing stories I had stored away on there, and I thought it would be a nice idea to share my favourite books and authors here in case anyone is looking for a good read.

Everyone has their favourite genre when it comes to books, and for me it’s autobiographies. I love reading real stories with real people, seeing the problems they faced and how they overcame them. I like to feel inspired by other people. These books do just that.

1) Beautiful by Katie Piper. 

For anybody who hasn’t heard of her before, she’s an inspiring woman who has helped thousands of burns victims through her charity The Katie Piper Foundation. 

She has gone on to write more books but this one is my favourite, because she writes so openly and honestly about her attack and her journey to where she is today. Reading about how someone can turn a horrific event in to a life-changing charity for thousands of people is so inspiring.

2) Love Without Limits by Nick Vujicic & Kanae Miyahara Vujicic

Nick has written many books and they are all very inspiring and help you to see your life in a different way, but personally this one is my favourite. 

Nick was born without arms and legs and has dedicated his life to spreading God’s message across the globe. 

The book is written by both Nick and his wife and offers insights from both of them about what makes a relationship work and what’s important in love. 

If you don’t feel like reading the book, Nick has many videos on YouTube which are guaranteed to make you look differently at yourself and your life.

3) Just A Little Run Around The World by Rosie Swale Pope

I first read this book after I met the Author when she came in to the coffee shop I was working in at the time. She told me about her book and her journey and I could have listened to her for hours on end. 

After her husband died, Rosie set out on a five-year run around the world to raise money for Cancer charities and an orphanage in Russia. During which time she lived inside a small cart which she dragged behind her as she ran!

The book follows the entire journey and has many heart-warming moments and many heart-stopping moments. 

Along the way she meets so many kind-hearted people that really restore your faith in humanity. 

4) A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen 

This one has gained popularity recently due to it being made in to a film (which I still need to see!)

The book follows James who is a recovering addict living and busking in London. He meets Bob, a ginger tom cat (and a very handsome one at that) and they form an incredible bond which is heart-warming to read about. 

I’ve read the book twice now, and not just because I love cats. It really has a charm to it and it makes me think that everything happens for a reason and those two were destined to meet to help each other out. 

5) A Night On The Orient Express by Veronica Henry

At last, some fiction! I first read this book in 2013 and I’ve been coming back to it again and again ever since. 

I’ve now read another five books by the same author and they all have the same charm. 

The thing I love about her work is how real the characters feel. She builds each character up so they feel more like friends, and they’re just normal people like you and I.

I also love how each of her books has many characters and different points of view, so the story is told from every angle and you’re always left wanting to know more. 

That’s about it for this blog post. I hope you’ve found something on this list that piques your interest! 

Happy reading! 


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