Valentine Shopping

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so I thought I better get Pal something special. 

We’ve been together just over seven years but we’ve only recently started celebrating Valentine’s Day. I know that everyone is divided between either celebrating the day or ignoring it because you can show someone you love them any time of the year. That’s true, but it is nice to take a step back and really appreciate that special someone in your life. We’re often too busy to really be greatful for what we have.

So with that in mind, me and my Nana had a little day out to find some valentines goodies! It also gave me another excuse to drive, which is something I’m loving since passing my test. 

We went to a garden center that we’re both really fond of. It has a lot of different things so no two trips are ever the same, and it usually has something fun and quirky. It also has a massive cafe which is where we stopped first 

After filling up on tea and scones we headed over to the fish section to nosey at the fish – I’m pretty sure everyone has memories of going to the garden center just to look at the fish as a kid. 

After looking around for about half an hour I found a cute box of chocolates and a fun card. We’re not very good at being soppy so I wanted something with a bit of humour! I also got him a similar card for his birthday so there’s a bit of a theme. 

But the real fun started when we found a new craft section which wasn’t open when we visited last. It was massive and there was so much to look at – it was a real artist’s paradise.

I found a cute cat-shaped piggy bank and I decided to paint it like our cat, Lily. I thought it would be nice to give him a unique present. 

So I spent the afternoon doing some painting, which is something I haven’t done for at least 8 years when I painted in art at school! I’m very shaky at it and the end result is quite terrifying, but I know he’ll love it. 

It’s the spitting image of her isn’t it? 

That’s about it for this post, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Whether you’re single or loved up, have a great day and spoil yourself!


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