A Week Away

I haven’t posted anything this past week because I’ve been away on a much-needed holiday! After a long and stressful January, I was definitely in need of a week away, and where better than Center Parcs where you can get lost in forest life and pretend the outside world just doesn’t exist.

I basically spent the week eating too much, sleeping, swimming and shopping. We also had a spa day which was very relaxing, and I did almost fall asleep in the meditation room ..

But I also accomplished one of my February goals which was to create a YouTube video. I said in my last blog post that I thought I would enjoy it, and being away gave me a good opportunity to try it out.

I have to admit, it felt very strange pulling my phone out to take videos of everything. I’ve always loved photography but it’s quite strange to take videos. I guess I’m a bit worried about what other people think of me – but that’s an issue for another month!

I ended up making a little video that you can watch on my channel here. I really enjoyed collecting little videos and figuring out how I wanted it to look in the end.

I didn’t really think about the editing process, which ended up taking all afternoon because my laptop is very slow, I couldn’t find good editing software and I had taken so many videos that it took forever to trim them down and get them ready! But it was actually quite fun and I lost time doing it which usually means I’m doing something I’m enjoying.

The end video is nothing amazing, but it’s a nice little reminder of the week I had and the memories we made.

I’m not sure if I’ll make more videos or not, but I’ll see what happens. I definitely think I’m better with words on a blog!

It was a lot of fun to try anyway and now that I’m back I’m feeling refreshed and optimistic.

Roll on Valentine’s Day!

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