Christmas Favourites!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I spent Christmas at my mum’s with all the family, it was such a lovely atmosphere. It was so nice to get together with everyone and have a rest and eat way too much. 

We always save the presents until after we’ve eaten our Christmas meal, it keeps that Christmassy feeling going all day. I got amazing presents this year and I feel so lucky, and I wanted to share a few of my favourites.

1) Candles!

You can never go wrong with candles, and these three are so cute. The slate ones go perfectly in my living room and the cat one looks just like Molly.

2) Name in lights:

My sister made this for me. Well, she didn’t carve it out herself but she painted it to make it look more shabby chic! It mine and my partners names with 3 tealights behind to light them up – how cute!

3) Weighing scales

Since I’ve moved into my own place I’ve been trying to get in to baking and cooking, and I really wanted some weighing scales. I love the colour too – pink is my favourite! 

4) Sea Trekking

This was one of my favourites. My stepdad got me a red letter day experience. If you haven’t heard of them then you really should check out their website, they do all kinds of experience days and they make great gifts! Mine is a sea trek experience at the sea life centre, where you go diving in their main tank with all the marine life! I love visiting aquariums and I absolutely can’t wait to do this!

5) Sweets

Christmas isn’t complete without some sweets, especially when they’re retro sweets in cute little jars. I might save these for my baking adventures! 

6) Cushions

My mum and my sister got me these cushisons. I love the quotes and they’re the perfect size.

7) Personalised Gifts

I love anything personalised, I think it adds a little something to the present. Which is why I love this little coaster! 

8) Cooking Apron!

With all this baking I’m planning to do, I need to make sure I’ve got the right kit! So a baking apron is definitely a priority, and the fact that it’s a beautiful Cath Kidston one makes it even better!

9) Wall Art


I’m a huge fan of wall art, and I love this cute little cat sticker to go on the light switch. There were quite a few in the packet so there is enough for one in every room! Meow.

10) Snow Globe

I’ve been looking for a good snow globe for months. I wanted one that was large, pretty and had a nice base. My mum bought me this one for Christmas and I’m so happy with it! It’s massive too, the photo really doesn’t do it justice. It also lights up! 

So there you have it, 10 of my favourite presents from this year. Now it’s time to tidy everything up and look forward to the New Year – I need to start thinking of some resolutions! 


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