Christmas Market

Today was the Christmas lights switch on in town, which means it’s officially time to start getting Christmassy! I’ve also seen the coca-cola advert on TV so it’s definitely time.

In my town they celebrate the switch on with a big Christmas market, lots of food stalls (my favourite!) and rides. There’s also a big countdown as they put the lights on but due to no fault of my own, I missed that part 😐. There’s always next year!

The tree in the square looked pretty. I have a hard time getting the Christmas lights untangled on my tiny tree, let alone one this big.

But my favourite part was the rides and the food. Obviously I’m too old to go on any of the rides but I love the fairground atmosphere.

So much nostalgia!

I did have a go at hooking a duck though (well, Dalmatian) and won a cute cushion. Best £3 I’ve ever spent!

Definitely worth it 😎

We also found a hot donut store, which was just too irresistible to turn down!

Last but not least, we met santa, and some happy singing mini-santas!

Let the Christmas countdown begin!


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